Hello! I'm kelly, the founder of lotusfairy.etsy, otherwise known as shopEarthshine. We offer a large selection of unique jewelry, crystals and gemstones, custom stamping, as well as stickers, prints and accessories (and occasionally miniatures when I find the time!)

In 2004 I was newly engaged, commuting 60km a day to an office job that I didn't like. A co-worker who made beaded gemstone jewelry invited me to join her on a wholesale shopping trip one weekend, and I jumped at the chance. Walking in to a room lined with hundreds of strands of gemstones in every color and shape imaginable, it was hugely inspiring! I applied for a business license, and began creating under the name Pink Lotus Designs. In a world pre-Etsy, there seemed to be no fitting place to sell handmade goods online. With *very* limited coding skills, I put together a sales blog with integrated Paypal checkout (photobucket! Livejournal!). I had listed over 100 items, and remember staying up late to put the finishing touches, absolutely convinced I was going to wake up in a few hours with my first sale.
I never ended up with ANY sales from that site...

In the first three months of 2005, I was T-boned by a pickup truck (and thankfully walked away), laid off at work, and my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My fiancé Craig and I moved up our wedding plans to be married that summer in my parents backyard, so Dad could be there with us (and he was).
A week before Christmas, my Grandmother passed away, and one month later, Dad passed away at home. It was so overwhelming, I stopped creating all together. Just three years later, Craig's Father passed away suddenly, and in 2011 his Mom lost her second battle with breast cancer.
We were absolutely broken.

In the summer of 2011 I began making jewelry again, along with miniature witch tables, dioramas, accessories and other mixed media pieces. This time I wasn't thinking about starting a business, I was creating as therapy, for my own happiness. I switched my moniker from Pink Lotus Designs to EarthShine; the name of my favorite local headshop in the 90s. I wanted to bring back the vibe that I had grown up with.

In August 2013 our pizza slice necklaces were featured in BUST Magazine, plus a few places online, and the shop quickly got busier than I could handle on my own. We were presented with an interesting and terrifying opportunity. After everything we had been through, I wasn't about to sit back and play it safe...

Craig left his job in 2014 to join me full-time, helping pack orders, and handling all shipping related duties. My Mom moved in down the hall from us, and helps with prep and other odd jobs. Her dining room table is always covered in some kind of project, and for a lady of retirement age, she has been most gracious in helping us with everything we send her way (thanks Mah! Love you!)

Almost all of our jewelry is made to order, meaning we can offer many options for customization, and it also cuts down on excess packaging. All pieces are quality checked before being carefully wrapped up, and topped with a sprinkle of stardust. My wish is that everyone feels like they are opening a present when they receive their order 💗

Thank you for taking a moment to read all this, I love what I do, and I hope that it shows!
~𝓀𝑒𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝓂𝒸-𝓋
If you should ever need it, here is a link to a crisis centre in your country:
http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html<br />Or in the USA, by state:
http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlines.html<br />—————————> 1-800-273-TALK

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